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(Inside the Wild Eye Studio)

How do we do it?  We start by getting acquainted with your pet and establish a comfortable relationship.  You and your pet enter the mobile studio and we all get acquainted for a few minutes. Your pet is the only pet inside the studio.  You select the sets you would like us to use.  We prepare the set and then your pet is introduced to the portrait table.  We allow them to get comfortable before we begin.  We use treats, toys, noise makers, their favorite words or just act a little wild & crazy in order to capture that special moment.  WE CREATE A STRESS FREE, FUN experience for you and your pet.

How do I prepare my pet for a session?  Have your pet groomed prior to the photo session. It is very helpful if your pet is tired and a little hungry.  Please make sure your pet is not hot and panting.  Keep them cool prior to the session. If you or another 2 legged friend will be in the portrait, wear colors that contrast with your pet.  Please inform us if your pet is prone to bite.


What if my pet doesn't know basic obedience?  No worries!  ANY pet makes a great model. 


What if my pet is elderly or has a disability or special needs?   We take special care and any necessary accommodation for an elderly, special needs or disabled pet.  We will make sure you have a portrait you can cherish forever that captures their personality.


What if my pet just won't sit still?  We have a great supply of patience at Wild Eye Photos and are skilled at getting pets to relax...even if it's just long enough to get the shot!  So don't worry if you pet is a little hyper active! They will still make a great model.


What if my pet tends to be afraid of things?  Again, no worries. We will be able to reassure them and make them feel comfortable.  Patience is the key. 


What if my pet is aggressive with strangers but I really want to have their portrait taken?  We can make special accommodations for you.  Just discuss your situation with Corky to determine the best approach. 


How many dogs can you photograph in the same shot?  Outside- no limits.  Inside the mobile studio- we can photograph up to 4 small to medium size dogs in the same shot.  Two to three large dogs together are fine.  Extra large breeds like Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds are likely to be limited to one dog in the portrait at a time when inside the studio.


Should I bring treats for my dog?  Sure!  We have treats but if you'd like to bring your own that is fine.  Please do not offer them to your dog until we discuss the use of treats during the photo session.  Sometimes dogs respond better without treats on their minds. 


My pet had photos taken already.  Can I order additional prints or gift items?  Yes!  You can view your pet's gallery on this web site and place your order on-line. 

Click here:   Wild Eye Photos | CUSTOMER GALLERIES     You can also call or email Corky to place an additional order. 


My pet had photos taken over a year ago.  Their gallery is no longer posted on-line.  Can I still see their photos?  Yes!  First look for your photos in our ARCHIVES, click here: Wild Eye Photos - ARCHIVES

If you still don't see your photos, call or email Corky.  She will post your gallery again for you.I


What types of payment do you accept?  We accept cash, checks, Master Card, Visa and PAY PAL for on-line orders. 







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